Lyxor Asset Management

Neue Mainzer Straße 46-50
D-60311 Frankfurt
Contact Person
Reginald Veit
+49 69 7174 315
+49 69 71 74 672
Tours Société Générale, 17 cours Valmy 92987 Paris-La Défense – France
Lyxor Asset Management, Paris: Frankreich, Luxemburg, Irland, USA, Japan
Year of establishment
Société Générale S.A., Paris: 1864; Lyxor Asset Management, Paris: 1998
Active in Germany since
Société Générale S.A.: 1886; Lyxor Asset Management: 2001
Managing director/board member
Société Générale S.A.: Francis Repka; Lyxor Asset Management: Head of Business Development Germany/Austria: Oliver Stahlkopf
BAI Member: Société Générale S.A.

Lyxor Asset Management is a 100% subsidiary of Société Générale S.A.
The following information refers to Lyxor Asset Management.
It is a leading french asset management company in alternative investments, quantitative ideas, index replication, and structuring.

Lyxor Asset Management has unique and innovative products in the following areas:

α    Absolute Return Funds
    Alternative Funds
    Managed Account Platform
    Fund of Funds
    Advisory in external hedge funds selection

β    Index Tracking Funds
    ETF (Synthetic Replication)
    Index  funds (Complete Replication)
    Investable hedge funds - Indices
    Hedge funds (Synthetic Replication)

∆     Structuring

Basis for the alternative investments is the Lyxor Managed Account Platform, which offers liquidity, transparency, and safety for 13 years now.

Website of Lyxor Asset Management:

Lyxor Asset Management: USD 133 bn. (per 30.06.2011)
Assets in the field of AI
Lyxor Asset Management: USD 27,7 bn. (per 30.06.2011)
Number of employees
Société Générale S.A.: 157.000; Lyxor Asset Management: ca. 650 (including in the AI area: ca. 250)
Regional focus
Target group
Lyxor Asset Management offers discretionary asset management, mutual funds, and individual funds solutions for institutional clients.
(Supervisory) registration at / since
Société Générale: BaFin, Bonn; Lyxor Asset Management: AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers), Paris (01.01.1998)
BAI-Member since
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