EB-Sustainable Investment Management GmbH

Ständeplatz 19
D-34117 Kassel
Contact Person
Michael Hepers und Dr. Bernhard Graeber
+49 561 450603-3735 und +49 561 450603 3740
0561 - 450603-3798
Von-Werth-Str. 9, 50670 Köln Barckhausstraße 10, 60325 Frankfurt am Main
Year of establishment
The organization's sustainable profile derives from Evangelische Bank's 30-year strong and stable track record operating as an investment management spin-off since December 2018.
Active in Germany since
Managing director/board member
EB-SIM is headed by Dr. Oliver Pfeil (Chief Investment Officer), Michael Hepers (Chief Customer Officer), Christoph Glatzel (Chief Operating Officer) and Dr. Bernhard Graeber (Head of Alternative Assets)

EB-Sustainable Investment Management GmbH (EB-SIM) is a 100% subsidiary of Germany's Evangelische Bank (EB). EB-SIM is an independent asset and investment manager with approx. EUR 5.6 billions in assets under management. Its team comprises 49 employees, its head office is based in Kassel, central Germany. EB-SIM's business model centers on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs) as well as the EU's climate targets. EB-SIM's overall fund range qualifies either as article 8 or article 9 as set out in EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. So, its product portfolio is solely focused on sustainable equity, bond and multi asset as well as real assets investment strategies available to institutional investors. EB-SIM's servicing excellence can also be experienced by private investors in the context of its newly opened wholesale channel. Since June 2021, EB-SIM is member of the so-called Bundesinitiative Impact Investing (BII). Contributing to the development of an impact investing ecosystem, EB-SIM opts for directing capital streams into social and ecological challenges. 

EUR 5,622 mn, thereof EUR 2,207 mn AuM and EUR 3,416 mn AuAdm (per 31.12.2021)
Assets in the field of AI
EUR 365 min (per 31.12.2021)
Number of employees
58 (including in the AI area: 13)
Regional focus
EB-SIM invests in renewable energy projects in selected European countries. Respective projects are either of operational or in permission granted stage and/or turn-key. They are based on purchasing power agreements or on governmental compensation for electricity fed into the grid. Investment focus lies on wind energy, photovoltaics as well as additional technologies such as hydropower, biomass, geothermal energy etc. Basically, EB-SIM's conservative project valuation and acquisition approach aims at risk minimization and targets stable returns. Furthermore, EB-SIM bridges the funding gap for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging and frontier markets by granting loans as co-investments together with DEG, i.e. KfW's subsidiary with close to 60 years of experience and expertise in international bank financing.
Target group
banks, corporates, institutional investors, churches, credit institutions, pension funds, professioneal investors, semi-professional investors, Solvency-II investors, special funds, foundations, VAG investors, insurances and pension/retirement schemes
(Supervisory) registration at / since
BaFin: ID 50070262 (02.08.2018)
BAI-Member since
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