Fisch Asset Management

Bellerive 241
CH-8034 Zürich
Contact Person
Sikandar Salam
+41 44 284 28 09
Year of establishment
Active in Germany since
Managing director/board member
Dr. Patrick Gügi (CEO), Kurt Fisch, Dr. Pius Fisch, Philipp Good, Dr. Hansjörg Herzog, Stefan Stucki, Beat Thoma

Fisch is a well-established, independently owned investment manager specializing in convertible bond, corporate bond and trend following strategies. The company was founded in 1994 by Kurt and Dr. Pius Fisch in Zurich, with the aim to establish as a leading provider of actively managed convertible bond strategies. In 2006 respectively 2010, corporate bond strategies were launched with a focus on high yield respectively emerging market corporate bonds. In 2009, the business was further diversified to include absolute return and trend following strategies.
Since 2003, Fisch has benefited from extraordinary fundamental credit research capability via its subsidiary Independent Credit View I-CV.
Fisch focuses on institutional investors. In all our products, we strive for outperformance in line with the respective strategy, with particular emphasis on positive relative returns in phases of market stress. Our key performance drivers in this process are credit research/security selection, trend recognition and our macroeconomic model. Comprehensive reporting and transparent communication with investors are also a priority for us.
Our corporate culture is characterized by entrepreneurial spirit, joint participation and independence. 100% of the shares are owned by the employees.

CHF 8.4bn AuM (per 30.06.2015)
Assets in the field of AI
CHF 256m (Managed Futures & Multi Asset) (per 30.06.2015)
Number of employees
73 (incl. subsidiary I-CV) (including in the AI area: 6)
Regional focus
Germanspeaking Europe
Target group
Institutional investors 83% Wholesale investors 17%
(Supervisory) registration at / since
FINMA (01.01.2006)
BAI-Member since
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