Hannover Leasing Investment GmbH

Wolfratshauser Str. 49
D-82049 Pullach
Contact Person
Birgitt Fritz
+49 89 211 04 420
Year of establishment
Active in Germany since
Managing director/board member
Marcus Menne, Michael Ruhl

Hannover Leasing is one of Germany’s leading initiators for structured investments in tangible fixed assets. In the last 30 years Hannover Leasing has launched more than 200 investment products. The company specializes in those asset classes in which it wields comprehensive long-term expertise. As a result, investments focus on real estate and aircraft.

A total of more than 69.700 private and institutional investors have committed approximately 10,1 bn Euros equity capital in the company’s investment products. Currently, Hannover Leasing has approximately 12,6 bn Euros in assets under management.

So far Hannover Leasing has launched 51 aviation funds and counts among the leading German companies in the aviation finance sector. The total investment volume in this sector amounts to 2,89 bn Euros. Hannover Leasing is mainly focused on the A320-family. Moreover, Hannover Leasing also finances Airbus A380 aircrafts. The strategy of Hannover Leasing consists in realizing the best possible combination of asset, investment structure and partners.

21,5 Mrd. Euro Investitionsvolumen, davon 12,6 Mrd. Euro AuM (per 31.12.2016)
Assets in the field of AI
Assets under Management: Aviation 579,02 Mio. Euro; Renewable Energy 127,97 Mio. Euro; Infrastructure 128,78 Mio. Euro (per 31.12.2016)
Number of employees
HANNOVER LEASING GmbH & Co. KG 145, davon HANNOVER LEASING Investment GmbH 44 (including in the AI area: 10)
Regional focus
Target group
private und institutionelle Investoren
(Supervisory) registration at / since
Zulassung als externe KVG, BaFin (18.03.2017)
BAI-Member since
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