HEP Kapitalverwaltung AG

Römerstraße 3
D-74363 Güglingen
Contact Person
Holger Pfleger und Thorsten Eitle
+49 7135 93446-684 und +49 7135 93446601
Year of establishment
Active in Germany since
Managing director/board member
Thorsten Eitle, Prof. Dr. Arnd Verleger, Ingo Burkhardt, Holger Pfleger

HEP Kapitalverwaltung AG (KVG) operates as a fund management company specialized in solar investments. It was founded in 2012 and has been approved as an AIF capital management company since January 24, 2018. Even before its approval as a KVG, according to the KAGB, the German Investment Code, hep has specialized in the ′renewable energy′ asset class since its founding in 2008.
Uniquely, the company provides all services over the life cycle of a photovoltaic plant: From project development, construction, operation to financing. From the search for the “green field“ to the long-term operation of a solar plant, hep offers all products and services necessary for a successful implementation in every phase of a solar project. At the same time, hep’s financial experts can design international investments with different maturities and risk-return profiles. 
By specializing exclusively in solar plants and their financing, hep has developed a strong network of business partners in Germany, England, Japan, the US and Canada and has a constantly growing pipeline. 

300 Mio. EUR (per 31.12.2021)
Assets in the field of AI
300 Mio. EUR (per 31.12.2021)
Number of employees
16 (including in the AI area: 16)
Regional focus
USA, Canada, Japan, Europe / Germany
Target group
institutionel and wholesale investors
(Supervisory) registration at / since
BAI-Member since
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