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ESG is an English acronym, meaning "Environment, Socal and Governance" and is used as a blanket term to refer to the consideration of sustainability goals in capital investment in environmental terms, in social terms, and in terms of (good) corporate governance. For example, "E" generally stands for the conservation of resources, environmentally friendly production, reduction of greenhouse gases, eco-efficiency with regard to energy, water, carbon dioxide and waste, energy management, investments in renewable energies, etc. "S" generally stands for the observance of fundamental labor rights, fair conditions at the workplace, occupational health and safety (also with respect to suppliers), equal opportunities and diversity, prevention of exploitation and discrimination, freedom of assembly and trade unions, etc. And lastly, "G" stands for transparency in corporate governance and external communications, for the anchoring of sustainability management at the Executive Board and Supervisory Board level and ESG risk management, the prevention of corruption, bribery, and money laundering, for regulatory compliance as well as the avoidance of conflicts of interest. At the latest since the EU Commission's Sustainable Finance Initiative, ESG has been on everyone's minds.

22. September 2020

BAI Publications

Materials from BAI Webinars/BAI Workshops/BAI Insights

Click here for the documents and recordings of the following webinars:
"ESG-Management: Aktuelle Herausforderungen in der Praxis und Vorteile einer digitalen Umsetzung“ on May 28, 2020
"Demographischer Wandel - Eine alternde Gesellschaft wohnt anders“ on April 28, 2020
"A practical guide to improving your ESG management" on March 23, 2020
"Impact Management und Messung im Bereich Real Assets" on February 6, 2020
"Responsible investments: how to select, implement and monitor Social and Governance aspects in the investment process" on February 3, 2020

Click here for the workshop on ESG/Sustainable Finance on September 26, 2019

Click here for the agenda of BAI Insight 57 "ESG hands-on": 360° view for ESG investments with institutional investors" on 20/27 January 2020

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