BAI hosts 1st InnovationsDay and welcomes its 250th member

To the Bundesverband Alternative Investments e.V. (BAI), the central representative of the alternative investments industry in Germany, the Electronic Securities Act (eWpG) passed in the Bundestag yesterday constitutes a milestone for the blockchain strategy of the federal government.

30. September 2021

Bonn, September 30, 2021 - At the 1st InnovationsDay, the Bundesverband Alternative Investments e.V. (BAI), the central representative of the alternative investments industry in Germany, will present innovations and innovators in the asset management industry.

Frank Dornseifer, Managing Director of the BAI, opened the InnovationsDay with impressive words: "The alternative investments industry is also undergoing a fundamental transformation process, and not only the rapid development of technology and its possible applications, but especially the ever more concrete regulation in Germany and Europe are fuelling this process. Anyone who ignores this dynamic and does not act now is in danger of being overrun by the change!"

This assessment was shared by the participants of the high-profile technology panel, who presented blockchain technology and its potential applications in the asset management industry. This was followed by an in-depth discussion of the regulatory framework for assets and funds in blockchain infrastructures, particularly in the context of the introduction of electronic and crypto securities and the introduction of a crypto quota for special funds in the KAGB, but also with references to the European Digital Finance Package.

Prof. Philipp Sandner from the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center then presented a ground-breaking study on crypto funds to the more than 200 participants, which was followed by an intensive discussion on cryptoassets in the portfolio context. According to the new study, there are currently close to 950 funds worldwide that invest in cryptoassets, tokens or blockchain start-ups. About half of these are venture capital funds. The other half are "true" crypto funds, such as those that have arbitrage strategies, market-making or other approaches. Most of these funds are based in the U.S. or have offshore structures. Furthermore, Switzerland is a frequently chosen location for crypto funds.

This was followed by practical presentations by experts from the fund and FinTech industry on decentralized finance and opportunities and risks for the fund industry, the use of artificial intelligence in the asset management sector, crypto registry management, the processing and booking of tokens in the securities business, marketplaces for digital assets, and the set-up and operation of a crypto KVG.

The top-class event was rounded off by another success story from the BAI association's work. With Blocksize Capital, the BAI was able to announce the admission of the 250th member to the association at the 1st InnovationsDay. Managing Director Frank Dornseifer commented as follows: "Alternative investments are a success story, and the same applies to the BAI. Over the years, we have achieved brilliant growth and this shows that we not only work in a future-oriented manner, but also set the right topics. The fact that a FinTech company and infrastructure provider for digital assets, of all things, is now becoming member number 250 is certainly no coincidence, but fits in with our strategic orientation, in which digital finance plays a prominent role alongside sustainable finance. These topics will also be of central importance to the new German government. If the coalition agreement now focuses even more strongly on alternative investments and strengthens German institutional investors and Germany as a fund location, the foundations would be laid for a successful legislative period. The BAI is ready!"   

As further BAI-members we welcome Rimon Falkenfort, GreenTec Capital GmbH, Capcade AG as well as Nordea Investment Management.

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