Other Alternative Investments

Whitepapers/research papers

FactSheet Private Shipping Debt
Berenberg / BAI (March 2021)

How investors in aircraft can anticipate the post-pandemic economy
KGAL (October 2020)

Schiffskredite als attraktive Anlageklasse innerhalb des Debt Marktes
Wie die Konsolidierung der Schiffsfinanzierung Investoren neue Möglichkeiten eröffnet
M.M. Warburg & CO (2020)

Shipping - a niche alternative segmebt about to get back into favor, big time
Progressive Capital Partners Ltd (2020)

Tanker rates - to the moon (&back)?
2020 could be one of  the worst years for the world economy in a long time, yet one of the best years for tanker company profits
Progressive Capital Partners Ltd (2020)

The music never stops playing - music royalties as a powerful niche alternatives investment proposition in times of COVID-19
Progressive Capital Partners Ltd (2020)

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