Prof. Dr. Rolf Tilmes (Co-Chairman) is responsible as Academic Director for executive education activities in the field of Finance, Wealth Management and Sustainability Management at the EBS Executive School of EBS University of Economics and Law, Wiesbaden /Rheingau (EBS). In addition, he was Dean of EBS Business School and Vice President of EBS University. His teaching and research activities focus on finance and sustainability management.

Since 2004, he has been responsible for the EBS-BAI continuing education cooperation in the subject areas of private equity, hedge funds / liquid alternatives, infrastructure investments and commodities, which he designed together with the BAI. Since 2017 he has developed the compact study programmes Sustainable & Responsible Investments and Corporate Sustainable Finance, which are also open to BAI members as partners at special conditions. In 2021 the Sustainable Management portfolio will be extended by Corporate Climate Risk Management and Sustainable Real Estate.

Prior to his academic career, Rolf Tilmes worked for Booz & Company as a consultant and member of the management team in the financial services sector for more than eight years. As a board member of a multi-channel insurance broker, he gained experience in a private equity venture with Goldman Sachs over several years.

Rolf Tilmes studied business administration at EBS in Rheingau, Paris/France and Glendale, AZ/USA, completed an MBA at the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School in Chicago/USA and received his doctorate at EBS in 1999.

Prof. Dr. Tilmes is responsible for the departments education and events.


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