BAI InnovationsDay 2022

Monday, September 12, 2022, with a keynote speech by Dr. Matthias Voelkel, CEO Gruppe Börse Stuttgart
Campus Westend (Casino Building), Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt

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On the one hand, we want to present possible applications of new technologies in the asset management industry at the infrastructure and investment level, with a focus on digitalization, DLT and artificial intelligence (AI).On the other hand, we want to present and discuss the accompanying
regulation on a national and European level. The target group is member/industry companies and institutional investors, but of course also relevant technology companies or start-ups, for which we offer the free opportunity of a short presentation in the afternoon. 

Topics are:
Block 1a: DLT & DeFi – Regulation
Block 1b: DLT & DeFi – Market infrastructure, DLT-based financial services and applications
Block 2a: Digitization & automation along the entire value chain of the asset management industry
Block 2b: AI in investment & risk management Law: risk management for crypto assets/implementation MiCA and digital finance

Panel discussions and speeches will be held in German. 

For questions and interest in sponsoring, please contact Christina Gaul, +49 228 9698735 or 

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