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Certificate of Advanced Study Alternative Investments & Sustainability /ESG

The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg has set up an advanced training programme for professionals from the alternative investment sector. The BAI acts as a cooperation partner in this program.

The program started in October 2019 and deals exclusively with current practice-relevant topics for alternative asset classes such as private equity, private debt, infrastructure and real estate. The range of topics covers the fundamental characteristics of alternative investments and includes regulatory capital requirements (Basel, Solvency II, Solvency I / VAG), investment and risk management methods including sustainability risks (ESG) and valuation as well as standard investment structures such as funds or securitisations. Course participants will be given a general and up-to-date overview of alternative investments as well as an in-depth look at a specific topic in the context of their homework and presentation.

Further information

Download Flyer (January 2023)

EBS/BAI Compact Studies

Regarding a high-qualified professional training in Alternative Investments and ESG the BAI contributed substantially to the development of the compact studies Private Equity, Sustainable & Responsible Investments and Corporate Sustainable Finance as cooperation partner of the EBS Executive School. BAI is continuously involved in the further development of the compact studies and the majority of lecturers is recruited from BAI members with the consequence that experienced practitioners share their extensive knowledge about the asset classes, their corresponding return/risk characteristics and their contribution to portfolios.

Further information (in German) about the study courses is available for download:
Broschüre Kompaktstudium Private Equity
Broschüre Sustainable & Responsible Investments (SRI) (10% discount for BAI members)
Broschüre Corporate Sustainable Finance (CSF) (10% discount for BAI members)
Impact Investing (10% discount for BAI members)

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