7orca Asset Management AG

Am Sandtorkai 77
D-20457 Hamburg
Contact Person
Thimo Koch und Jasper Düx
+49 40 334604640 und +49 40 334604620
Hamburg, Germany
Year of establishment
Active in Germany since
Managing director/board member
Tindaro Siragusano, CEO; Jasper Düx, CIO; Thimo Koch, CCO/CRO/Legal

7orca Asset Management AG was founded in March 2017 by 7 experts. While there are 7 founding partners, orca stands for overlay, risk, currency and alpha. 

As a specialised quantitative asset manager, 7orca is the expert in:

- Currency overlay strategies to manage the FX risk of institutional portfolios
- Short volatility solutions to capture volatility as an alternative source of return, globally diversified and in low correlated underlyings

With its multi-professional team, 7orca develops bespoke quantitative investment solutions for institutional clients driven by rule-based decision-making algorithms and risk management processes.

Further information can also be found on the website: www.7orca.com

EUR 10,8 bn AuM (per 31.08.2022)
Assets in the field of AI
EUR 10,8 bn AuM (per 31.08.2022)
Number of employees
21 (including in the AI area: 21)
Regional focus
European union, individual assessment for clients from Switzerland, the United States and Australia.
Target group
Mainly institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, corporates, credit institutions, private organisations (such as churches and associations)
(Supervisory) registration at / since
Pursuant to § 15 WpIG BaFin-licensed securities institution for securities services within the meaning of § 2 para. 1, sentence 1 nos. 3, 4, 5 and 9 WpIG (23.11.2017)
BAI-Member since
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