Bundesverband Alternative Investments e.V. (BAI)

Commodities and other Alternative Investments

Specialities include special forms of alternative investments such as Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) and innovative crypto-assets. Commodity investments and investments in alternative real assets such as aircraft and ships can also be assigned to the specialities of alternative investments. The field of specialities also extends to numerous other niche themes such as art, instruments, vintage cars or whisky.

Commodity investments include a multitude of heterogeneous investments, which are traditionally precious metal, industrial metal, crude oil, natural gas or agricultural commodities. As a consequence of the heterogeneity of the commodity sector, there are certainly different ways to categorize raw material (commodities). You can categorize them for example by the type of use or whether they can be consumed directly or they are to be used in the manufacture. Another possibility is the distinction between hard and soft commodities. Hard commodities are not renewable raw materials which are characterized by their limited availability. Soft commodities are renewable perishable commodities.

13. June 2023

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