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BAI offers various in-house publications, which can be downloaded free of charge below.

BAI Studies

BAI Information Brochure

Due to the increasing demand and the prominent role of alternative investments in the asset allocation of institutional investors, BAI aims to inform about basics, strategies, chances and risks of alternative investment investments and strategies by means of information brochures. Contents exceed the mere basics and aim to give a first in-depth insight, on the basis of which a more intensive examination of alternative investments should be possible.


BAI Fact Sheets

BAI has created a series of fact sheets that provide information on alternative investments in general and on individual strategies and asset classes in more detail. They are intended to promote understanding of the background of alternative investment strategies and concepts as well as how and why they are used. Both the benefits of the investments and the associated risks are presented. Additionally, the players who invest in this segment are also addressed. Frequently used technical terms are explained in a clear and concise manner.


BAI Investor Survey

The BAI publishes annually the BAI Investor Survey. Comprising 77 institutional investors from Germany, together managing around 1,300 billion assets under management, the BAI's survey 2020, which has been conducted annually since 2013, set a record both in terms of the number of participants and assets under management.


Other BAI Papers

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