Alternative Investments 2022

Why do alternative investments remain robust?

Despite all the adversities that 2022 had in store for the financial markets, alternative investments seem to be more stable than their traditional counterparts. Let's take a look at the question: Why is that? Please also read our article "Alternative Investments remain robust - despite competition from rising bond yields".


Investor Survey 2022 Videos

What does institutional Investors think about ESG?

If you could describe the private markets of 2022 in just one word, it would probably be "ESG". Sustainable finance is not just a new trend, but a new investment lifestyle. 
In our annual investor survey, we asked German and European institutional investors and asset managers what they think about ESG. Why do they pursue an ESG strategy or why don't they pursue it.  


How does the current inflation influance the asset allocation?

The year 2022 is plagued with many crises: the war in Ukraine, high inflation, energy shortages and climate change. Enormous upheavals are taking place in our society. We asked our members how their portfolio and their SAA will change under these circumstances, or if there will be a change at all. We have summarised our results in a short video.


This distinguishes insurance companies from the avarage investor!

In our last video regarding our Investor Survey 2022, we wanted to take a closer look at three special types of investors: Insurers, pension funds and pension funds. What makes them different from the average investor and why? The results were quite surprising!


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