Lupus alpha Asset Management AG

Speicherstraße 49-51
D-60327 Frankfurt
Contact Person
Michael Lichter und Pia Kater
+49 69 365058 7452 und +49 69 365058 7401
+49 69 365058 8452
Frankfurt am Main
Year of establishment
Active in Germany since
October 2000
Managing director/board member
Lupus alpha Asset Management AG is led by Managing Partners Ralf Lochmüller (CEO and responsible for Strategy & Planning and Clients & Markets), Michael Frick (CFO and responsible for Compliance, Finance & Risk and Technology & Infrastructure) and Dr. Götz Albert (CIO and responsible for Portfolio Management).

Lupus alpha – Great minds developing innovative alpha strategies
Lupus alpha is an independent asset management company. We offer fund products only in strategies with which we can provide real added value to our clients. We focus on a number of specialized asset classes in which we have the expertise to meet our own high quality standards. These strategies fall into four categories: European Small & Mid Caps, Alternative Solutions, CLOs and Convertibles. Today, more than 90 employees, 35 of them specialists in portfolio management, are committed to above-average performance and a service that is fully tailored to the individual requirements of our investors. Our goal: to deliver sustainable added value for intelligent portfolio diversification for institutional investors through active, innovative investment strategies.

Lupus alpha was founded in 2000 by experienced investment professionals who run the company as owners. In addition to Lupus alpha Asset Management AG in Frankfurt, there is Lupus alpha Investment GmbH (Frankfurt, Germany), through which we primarily launch our own special funds. When Lupus alpha Investment GmbH was founded in 2001, it was the first owner-managed capital management company in Germany.
Since 2022 we additionally have a sales office in Paris.

(As of:  September 2022).

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13.5 bn. € AuM (per 01.07.2022)
Assets in the field of AI
Number of employees
90 (including in the AI area: k.A.)
Regional focus
Target group
Institutional investors
(Supervisory) registration at / since
BaFin Lupus alpha Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH: 5.7.2001<br> Lupus alpha Asset Management AG (01.10.2000) (01.10.2000)
BAI-Member since
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