12. Mai 2022


The Case for Accessing Infrastructure through Co-Investment Programs

Infrastructure special: Building for growth
BlackRock (März 2022) 

Infrastrukturquote – Neue Regelung schafft attraktive Anlagemöglichkeiten für Versorgungswerke
PE-Magazin (Oktober 2021)

BAI Newsletter III/2021
Juni 2021

Data centres – an evolving asset class for infrastructure debt that is suitable for environmentally-aware investors?
Berenberg (Mai 2021)

Verantwortungsbewusste Infrastruktur Investitionen: Mehr als nur erneuerbare Energien
Pauline Fiastre, BNP Paribas Asset Management (2019)

Investing in 21st Century Infrastructure: Benefiting from the Digital Revolution
Cambridge Associates (Mai 2021)

Erneuerbare Energien - Investmenttrends in Europa
Capital Dynamics (März 2021)

A sustainable perspective on digital infrastructure
Columbia Threadneedle Investments (Oktober 2020)

Digitale Infrastruktur verbindet stabile Erträge und nachhaltige Wirkung
Columbia Threadneedle Investments (2021)

European sustainable infrastructure: in a sweet spot
Columbia Threadneedle Investments (2021)

Infrastrukturinvestitionen in der Nach-Corona-Zeit
Columbia Threadneedle Investments (Januar 2021)

The European Sustainable Infrastructure Strategy
Columbia Threadneedle Investments (November 2017)

Strategic Asset Allocation with Unlisted Infrastructure
EDHECinfra (Februar 2021)

A global "Green Recovery" set to offer strong investment opportunities within Caribbean renewables infrastructure projects
MPC Energy Solution (März 2021)

Die Integration von ESG bei Infrastrukturanlagen
Reichmuth & Co

Infrastruktur als Teil von Realwertanlagen
Reichmuth & Co

Infrastructure: predictable yield or secular opportunity?
UBS (Juni 2021)

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption could profoundly change our lives and the way we invest. But the details of how, when, and where remain a work in progress.
Wellington Management (Juli 2019)

ESG insights for private companies – Diversity, equity and inclusion: FAQ
Wellington Management (April 2021)

Fintech innovation: A pure play on enduring disruption
Wellington Management (Mai 2021)

The macroeconomic effects of climate change interventions – developed-market perspectives
Wellington Management (April 2021)

Upgrading fintech infrastructure: don't forget the incumbents
Wellington Management (Dezember 2020)

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